Terrain Suitability Modeling

Experience with terrain modeling is an additional service that we offer. Since 1982 we have used our unique terrain modeling techniques in 45 different projects. Key projects include Hatcher Pass for the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and wind-sensitive modeling for Val Thorens, France. These illustrate the value of using Alpentech’s Smartmaps™ as a tool. Even slight adjustment of mountain plans, based on suitability or hazard modeling, may yield big consequences.

Using Smartmaps™ normally costs only a fraction of the NEPA expenses. Furthermore, the review of compatibility of plans with terrain suitability offers better area layout and design. The best way to appreciate modeling may come from applying construction and operational experience in setting up the model. To this end, Smartmaps™ simply show in color the suitability or hazard after applying a neutral, numerical weighing scheme. Influence factors may be initially topographic data as well as layers of a GIS inventory, such as zoning, geologic or any environmentally sensitive component.

Creative application of design tools is Alpentech’s trademark. Over 30,000 acres of Utah’s mountains are being analyzed by Alpentech at this time with focus on:

  • Zoning
  • Landscape integration
  • Privacy
  • Environmental quality
  • Ski slope and other recreation accessibility