Alpentech Resume - 40th Year Qualifications


In the Intermountain West Alpentech is well known for designing changes to existing areas, upgrading and expanding trail and lifts systems to diversify their use. We are called to assist ski areas with complex mountain grading projects. Internationally, Alpentech is best known for new mountain resort planning and development taking place most recently in China.

With a solid engineering foundation, Alpentech contributed to the ski industry involve during the last 40 years. Alpentech gained practical experience from the ground up, applying invaluable field experience. A National Award was received for best ski area layout, a Regional (Golden Wrench) Award for best service and a County Award for good water quality management.

For example, we have been commissioned to make a Third Party Economic Feasibility Study at SnowKing Resort in Jackson, Wyoming in 2012, prior to engaging in a two year, complete all-season master planning effort leading to major upgrading. Similarly an exhausting ski area inventory had been requested at The Canyon Resorts in 2011. The same mountain has been sold in 2014 to Vail Associates which has already invested heavily on the mountain.

Alpentech uses unique modeling techniques during mountain resort layout and planning since 1982, when combined terrain suitability and wind modeling were provided to the French government. This evolved in our trademarked Smartmap analysis. Simplified versions are currently used in China to find the best additional ski slopes. In addition to advanced map analysis, our forte is fitting venue layout in the field, working with Google Earth and state of art tools. Smart adjustment to changing markets of summer and winter sport in mountains is indeed the objective for new- and re-development. In recognition of his work, the founder of Alpentech was induced into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame in 2012.

Scope of Services

During the climate challenge, our involvement is tending to all season operation and related studies. Modification, New Development and Diversification benefit from our common comprehensive engineering approach. Technical/ economic feasibility and operational analysis have been applied to large and small projects. We have the fitting experience to lay out future mountain uses and base areas. We anticipate a harmonious carrying capacity for keeping recreation pleasant and affordable thanks to efficient layout that will affect realistic initial and operating costs. Product evaluation is provided without the overtone of equipment sales staff. Our practice of ski area planning and engineering is based on research, using life-cycle and market assessments to evaluate sustainability.

Our mountain planning, involves civil/ environmental engineering, landscape integration, natural resource evaluation and modeling. A "second generation planning approach" with new and smarter focus on all season development brought international assignments in Argentina, Canada, China, France, Korea, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland with the bulk of projects in the U.S.

Comparative product analysis for summer and snow sports are offered beyond one continent. Our mountain planning involves complementing ski and summer trail layout to optimally size lift capacity. Special emphasis is on carrying capacity evaluation for all facilities in keeping joy, safety and a return on investment in good focus. Alpentech has been recognized with awards for design excellence that is well integrated in the natural environment. Our work is anchored in terrain modeling, hydrology and consideration of environmental parameters and comparative analysis across continents. Finally, our design is draped in Google Earth, allowing 3D viewing. Integration of Global Positioning and Geographic Information Systems GPS+GIS help further anticipating pitfalls and finding an optimal land use.

While specializing on the mountainside, we are also familiar with all aspects of base area layout and circulation. Layout of mountain roads is a specialty. Engineered cuts and fills, drainage, storm water management, lift terminal area and mass grading, soil sediment and erosion control plans, parking lot design, mass grading, etc. Precision trail and track design for summer venues is of growing interest and can be best met with our technical interface with suppliers of slides, rides, coasters, zip lines, etc.; however, pricing and market awareness require special attention.

Better balancing seasonal mountain activities promises a more sustainable resort master plan. We maintain cost effective methods of analysis and rely on field verification. We focus on using the advantage of the natural condition for recreation and living spaces. We help to interpret and meticulously map and study these conditions, in order to justify the footprint of proposed actions. Graphic interpretation of factors affecting land use decisions via modeling is a special service, no other company has similarly perfected. We are also skilled to present plans in Google Earth.

We are familiar with stream, wetland and other regulations and hillside ordinances to prepare specific permit applications and master plans that implement sustainability.

Since mountain planning consists of many aspects of professional analysis, Alpentech has been asked to contribute items listed below, or has provided complete Mountain Master Plans. At each step of the way, we have provided unique and flexible services to the mountain recreation industry, at a fair cost, such as:

  • all season trail layout and design
  • avalanche studies
  • civil engineering and surveying
  • climate analysis
  • comfortable site capacity evaluation
  • ecologically wise planning
  • economic feasibility analysis
  • expert witness
  • GPS surveys (sub-meter level)
  • grading plans
  • illustrations and mapping
  • laser survey documentation
  • legal descriptions
  • modeling: suitability and hazards
  • mountain road design
  • NPDES Natl. Pollution Elimination System
  • operational studies
  • parking lot design
  • reconnaissance studies
  • rehabilitation
  • ski trail capacity evaluation
  • soil sediment/ erosion control plans
  • snowmaking studies
  • stream alteration permitting
  • site and subdivision planning
  • storm water management
  • summer slide and ride layout
  • terrain modeling (3D graphics)
  • terrain park planning and grading
  • third party analyses
  • wetland creation
  • zoning proposals

While many mountain resorts and agencies have knowledge based on their experience, they hire us to create:

  • Alternative transport system studies: Alpentech founder’s roots in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, give rise to interesting comparisons leading to revision of energy/ efficiency and sustainability concepts, significantly reducing carbon footprint and better water quality management.
  • Base Site Plans: aesthetics, layout, parking, circulation, drainage, grading, etc.
  • Mountain Master Plans: lift and trail capacity, terrain parks, avalanche control, adventure access, summer and winter utilization, etc. Invariably, Alpentech involvement resulted in substantial increase of use and revenue and has brought recognition and design awards.
  • Comprehensive resort activity and adventure maps: Alpentech has 30 years of special map and poster production experience. The most successful example is the Bryce Canyon hiking map with over 40,000 copies sold. The Wasatch Touring map series, which illustrate hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and winter backcountry touring, are in 2nd and 3rd printing. Two new touring maps for the Southern Wasatch are currently in production to ease the congestion of the Central Wasatch.
  • Mountain Master Plans: Lift and trail capacity, terrain parks, avalanche control, adventure access, summer and winter utilization, etc. Invariably, Alpentech involvement resulted in substantial increase of use and revenue and has brought recognition and design awards.
  • Multi-season Plans: Gravity parks, terrain parks, bike trails, climbing walls, summer slides/ carts, high ropes, artificial skiing surfaces, etc. Alpentech has participated in layout and planning of the first all season Snowflex ski facility as a part of a recreation development plan near a U.S. University.

Since January 1, 2015, Alpentech GmbH operates a Swiss Branch Office focusing on comparative analysis and International Business.

The Alpentech Welcome Center, is available for small focus groups to learn from the Swiss how to approach sustainable development and adapt plans for the long term. Selected European Alpine resorts are offered to provide effective comparative analysis per interest group.

Staff and Associates

Beat vonAllmen

P.E., President, Mountain Planning Engineer,


Beat incorporated Alpentech in 1978 to improve the experience of summer and winter vacationing in the mountains. Having grown up in Mürren, a car free Swiss resort, and working for aerial tramway firms, he became a hands-on specialist in mountain transportation systems. Building on his background, fitting professional education and experience, the evolution and accessibility of alpine summer and winter sports has been the primary focus of his work. Searching for better, more comprehensive mountain use has awarded him recognition in recreation planning. This special interest, coupled with studies in mechanical, civil and environmental engineering give Beat a leading edge in mountain facility layout by combining his field advantage with advanced computer modeling, Beat is the U.S. correspondent to the International Aerial Tramway Review. Fluent in French and German, he has written numerous articles on subjects related to mountain development and has pioneered suitability and hazard modeling since 1981, trademarked as "smartmaps". In 2003 Beat (Bayot) has been awarded the Golden Award of the Intermountain Ski Area Association. In 2009 he was elected as a technical advisor for the Wasatch Canyons Master Plan. In 2012 he was inducted in the prestigious Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame. Since 2015 the Swiss firm Alpentech GmbH, is welcoming clients to meetings or small conferences in Beat’s unique mountain resort (see also

As a member of the Swiss National Ski Team, he was listed in the first 15 in the FIS list and has won several international events. In the 1964 Olympic Winter Games at Innsbruck, Austria, he placed 14th. He keeps enjoying the famous Utah powder with his spouse after bringing up two ski racing daughters.


MS Civil Engineering -- University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 12/1973
MS Mechanical Engineering -- University of Vermont, Burlington, 6/1971
Design Engineer (HTL-Maschinenbau) -- State College, Biel, Switzerland, 1968
Draftsman Diploma (Maschinen) -- vonRoll AG / Gewerbe Schule, Bern, CH 1964
Swiss Army -- Alpine Corps training, mountain infantry corporal, 1962/63
Business Administration Diploma -- Nobs & Co./K.V., Thun, Switzerland, 1961

Registration + Honors

Professional Engineer: P.E. Utah (4838) 22-156074-2202, Utah Tramway Engineer
2012 Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame
1990 National Ski Area Design Award – First Place

Related Experience

Founder of Alpentech, Inc.: Responsible for Alpentech projects since 1984
Project Manager: vonAllmen & Partners, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1971-83
Correspondent: International Tramway Review, Vienna, A, since 1982 and Motor im Schnee, Stein Verlag, Baden-Baden, Germany 1989-1992
National Avalanche School: Reno, NV, 1975
Associate -- Enteleki (Resort Architects), Salt Lake City, UT, 1972-73
Mountain Planning Assistant: Greater Park City Company, 1972
Tram Erection Crew: Snowbird, Utah 1971
Tooling Design: Hirschmann Corp., Roslyn Heights, NY, 1968-70
Technical Design: vonRoll Bern, Switzerland; ropeway drafting/ design apprentice 1962-66
Business administration training -- Nobs & Co., Thun, Switzerland, 1958-61


ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers, Urban Planning and Development Division -- Recreation Planning Committee. Chairman 1988/89
NSAA: National Ski Areas Association, current

Selected Publications and Presenations

"Trail Capacity Adjustment" in development; "Planners with a Vision" Si-magazine; "How to measure trail capacity" OITAF-NACS 7th and 8th Symposiums; "Dispersing Skiers and Riders" Si-magazine; "Grindelwald: modernity vs. history"; "Linking Salt Lake City with six mountain resorts" (cog-railway option) International Conference, Urban Transportation Division of ASCE; "L’analyse des sites par procedes informatiques"; "Pulse Lifts: A contrarian choice"; "Impacts of Detachables"; "Modernisieren im Westen (Big Mountain, MT, Kellogg, Sun Valley, ID and Solitude UT)"; "Keystone Gondola, made in USA"; A consultant’s view of master planning, Forest Service, Brighton, Utah; "Digital Wind Models Applied to Ski Area Planning and Operation"; "Avalanche Control from Afar"; On ski area carrying capacity, Innsbruck; "Lift Alignment Techniques"; "On computer generated maps"; "Aligning with Lasers" (solar bending of tubular towers); "Skiing resource evaluation by computers"; "The Heritage Mountain Funicular"; "Snowbird Skier Circulation"; "Sliding Control of Ski Garments"; "Skiing Dynamics"; "Access to Mountain Recreation"; "How to measure and rectify ski area crowding"; Mountain Recreation: Energy vs. Mobility, ASCE; "Chair Lift Erection by Helicopter"; "Unzweckmässige Bekleidung: als Unfallgefahr beim Skilaufen"; "Die Textilbremse auf Schnee".

Nicolas Bianchi

Project engineer


Holder of a two-year university degree in civil engineering, a three-year degree in civil engineering (CAD), a three-year degree program in management and a master's degree in trades of the mountain, Nicolas has acquired a very thorough knowledge of mountain planning, through a multidisciplinary teaching based on: management, environment, planning, sustainable tourism and sport-recreation.

He learned how to use CAD and GIS in professional situations through several internships and jobs in different companies. Through his mountain knowledge and his attraction to new technologies, he brings technical proficiencies, creativity, originality and autonomy. His youth, dynamism and motivation, heightened by his ability of rapid integration create an important value.

Nicolas grew up in a progressive Alpine environment and is eager to engage in ski area planning, modification, new area planning and diversification of mountain resorts. He is also a licensed ski and snowboard instructor which brings his attention naturally to the practice of teaching, which is the most fundamental concern in successful resort layout and development.


Master degree "Trades of the Mountain", Aix Marseille University, Gap, France – 2015 to 2017, culminating his 3-yr. resident degree in management "Trades of the Mountain", 2014; his 3-yr. degree in technical drawing in civil engineering (CAD) at the Montpellier University, Nimes, France – 2013 and his 2-yr degree in civil engineering, at the Joseph Fourrier University, Grenoble, France – 2010 to 2012

Professional Experience

Internship and technician draftsman – DIANEIGE (touristic mountain design) – May to Oct. 2012 Language study vacation – INTRAX, San Francisco – June to September 2013 Ski and snowboard instructor – La Plagne, France – December 2013 April 2014 Internship in architect office specialized in mountain area – ATM – May to August 2014 Internship and temporary contract as project engineer – MDP CONSULTING – Feb.-Dec. 2017 Ski and snowboard instructor – La Plagne, France – December 2017 April 2018

Zachary S. Thompson

Mountain Planning Assistant,


Zach comes from a diverse background within the ski industry. As an employee for Alta ski Lifts over the last ten years, he has done everything form mountain grooming operations to Avalanche Mitigation using the 105mm Highway Howitzer. He is an American Avalanche Association Level III practitioner and member of the Alta Ski Patrol. Prior to his time at Alta he lived in Wyoming where he was the Director of mountain bike trail development at White Pine Ski Resort. His experience with trail development and understanding of mountain operations has lead him to Alpentech to further his approach to responsible trail and resort development. He is a year round resident of Alta.

Professional Experience

Alta Ski Area – Ski Patrol, Mountain Ops. 2008-Present
Utah Department of Transport- Avalanche Forecaster, 2013-Present
White Pine Ski Area- Director of Mountain Biking, 2005-2009
American Avalanche Association Level III, 201721
International Snow Science Workshop attendance, 2010 14' 16'


Zach has simultaneously been pursuing his bachelor degree in Commercial Recreation Management at the University of Utah. He will graduate in the spring.

Gary Peck

Forestry Consultant, Mountain Planning Assistant

Layout of new ski trails with the practical understanding of a professional logging background can make a difference as Gary Peck has proven while working with Alpentech over the years. Gary helped to create over 400 acres of new trails in Montana, Washington and British Columbia. Gary Peck delivers ski area specific Forest and Vegetation Management plans knowing logging practice, timber value, fire, esthetics, and recreational enjoyment all at the same time. Gary’s forestry expertise is particularly valuable to prepare mountain management plans aimed at forest health and lower fire hazard that positively influence ski area sustainability. His dedication to apply high environmental standards for logging and his love for ski trail layout combine to create an unusual asset for Alpentech.


Certified Forest Service Cruiser - 1980 and 1983
BS Forestry - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA - 1979
Graduate - Andover High School, Andover, MA - 1973

Related Experience

Forestry Consultant—Owner, 1992 to present
Forester--Plum Creek Timber Co. 1985-1992
Forest Technician--Gallatin and Targhee National Forests 1980... 1985

Alpentech Projects

Destination Resorts

1989... Alta Ski Lifts Company, Alta, UT
1987... Snowbasin Ski Area, mountain plan, engineering, Sinclair Oil Co., UT
1976... Solitude Ski Resort Co., mountain planning, engineering, Salt Lake City, UT
2008-15 Nordic Valley, Complete Expansion Plan, w/ DGA, Paris, UT
1971-14 Snowbird Corporation, mountain planning, engineering, Snowbird, UT
2005-09 Valle de Las Leñas, mountain development plan, w/ HMA, Argentina
2006/07 Chapelco, mountain development plan, resort company, Argentina
1987-07 Sun Valley Company, mountain plan, engineering, Sun Valley, ID
2005/06 Apex Mountain Resort, mountain plan, engineering, Penticton, B.C.
2004/05 Silver Mountain, Kellogg, mountain plan, engineering, ID
2001-02 The Colony at Whitepine Canyon, mountain/ RR transit planning, UT
1989-98 Big Sky, Ski & Summer Resort, Boyne USA, mountain plan, engineering, MT
1997/98 Schilthornbahn AG, Interlaken, ski trail grading plan, Switzerland
1995/96 Wolf Mountain (now Vail), mountain plan, engineering, Park City UT
1995/96 Northstar at Tahoe, mountain planning, Truckee, CA
1993-96 Ski Moonlight, (Big Sky North), mountain plan, engineering, Big Sky, MT
1993-96 Brundage Mountain Company, mountain plan, engineering, McCall, ID
1992-94 Aspen Highlands, mountain plan, engineering, CO
1984/93/97 Park City Ski Area and Park City Alpine Slide, UT
1983 Crystal Mountain/Brian Head, mountain plan, engineering, Cedar City, UT
1981/83 Ski lift Interconnect, Utah Ski Association, S.L.C., UT
1982 Val Thorens, French Government, Challes-les-Eaux, France
1981 Snowbasin/Trappers Loop Ltd., mountain plan, w/ Seibert, UT
1980 Squaw Valley, mountain plan, CA
1976 Solynieve, Spain; mountain plan, w/ Kiley/Walker, Charlotte, VT
1971/72 Bald Mountain, mountain planning, engineering, Greater Park City Co., UT

Day Ski Areas

2015... Wujin, ski area expansion - TTiss Global Outdoor Sports Group Ltd., China
2009... Magic Mountain, ski area master plan update, Twin Falls, Idaho
1988... Pomerelle Ski Area, Albion, ID
1987... Brighton Resort, CNL Income Brighton LLC/ Crystal Mtn., UT
2012-14 SnowKing Mountain Resort, all season expansion plan, Jackson, WY
1998-14 Bellayre Mountain, New York State Department of Conservation, NY
1991-14 Soldier Mountain Ski Area, mountain planning, engineering, Fairfield, ID
1996-2009 Crystal Mountain Resort, mountain planning, engineering, WA
2007/08 Erner Galen Reconnaissance, Mühlebach, VS, Switzerland
2004-06 Ausblick, Inc, ski area vertical expansion, Hartland, WI
2004-05 Enviroserve Associates, LLC, Powder Mountain, UT
2002-05 Snow Haven, Idaho, City of Grangeville, D
2001-05 Montana Snowbowl, mountain plan, Missoula, MT
1999 Crystal Mountain, mountain planning, engineering, Kelowna, B.C.
1995 Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort at Lee Canyon, V
1993-98 Pebble Creek Ski Area, Pocatello, ID
1993 Intermountain Region U.S. Forest Service: Lee Canyon Capacity, UT
1993 Kelly Canyon, ID
1992/93 SnoBowl, City of Elko, NV
1991 Evanston Parks & Recreation Department, Evanston, WY
1989-1991 Six ski areas in Ontario, D.R. Matthews Assoc., Canada
1988/89 Crystal Mountain, Meeks Assoc., WA
1988/89 Ski Wolf Laurel, Inc.
1984/85 Showdown Ski Area, Neihart, MT
1984/85 Mount Lemon, Tucson, NM
1983/84 Red Lodge Mountain, Red Lodge, MT
1983/84 Slide Mountain, Mount Rose, NV
1982 Fairbanks Area, Department of Natural Resources, AK
1980/81 Nordic Valley Ski Area, Skiing Associates, Eden, UT
1980/81 Parkwest Ski Area, Snyderville, UT

New Resort Projects

2016… LaoHuGou - TTiss Global Outdoor Sports Group Ltd. TTiss, China
2015… Shanxi Taihang Shan master plan, engineering, w/ HMA, TTiss, China
2012... All Season Resort Connection, Alta-Brighton-Solitude, in-house project, UT
2004… Loafer Mountain, master planning 10/000-acres, 5100’, JM Land Group, UT
1998… Wasatch Peaks (Gaily) Ranch master plan (12'000-ac. 4600’), UT
2013-15 Un-disclosed area resort project, Patey, Salt Lake City, UT
2011-14 Sunrise Mountain Ranch, hydro power mountain design, Patey, UT
2010-12 Lantian Lake master plan, Chongqing, Jiulongpo Dist., w/ HMA, China
2010 Guangling 603 Ski Project master plan, Mr. Gu, w/ HMA, Shanxi, China
2010 Chongli, smartmap, Beijing Raissun Investment Co., w/ HMA, China
2010 Pingquan mountain reconnaissance, w/ Dunn+Kiley, Hebei, China
2009-10 Alta Railway engineering feasibility, Envision Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
2009-10 Independence Resort, research, planning, engineering, UT
2007-10 Black Bear Resort, 5000 acre resort planning/ engineering, Paris, ID
2006-09 Soldado, Las Leñas, expansion plan, VLL, w/ HMA, Argentina
2009 Qiaoshan ski area project review, undisclosed, Hebei, China,
2008/09 Huatian Zhangbei, Xiannadu master plan, w/ Dunn+Kiley, Hebei, China
2006-08 Liberty University, Mountain Recreation Master Plan, Lynchburg, VA
2005-09 Blue Diamond, ski resort/ Forest Service land trade, Ely, NV
2007 Timberland Reconnaissance, 15,000 acre skiable reconnaissance, OR
2006/07 Grandeur Peak, 10000 acre critique, Bountiful City, UT
2006 Dong Ling Shan, mountain plan critique, I-STAR, Hebei, China
2006 The Canyons Ski Area Analysis, Paul Hastings Attorneys, New York, UT
2005 Bear Mountain, resort planning/ engineering, w/ Design Workshop, ID
2004-05 Malans Basin, Ogden side of Snowbasin, Chris Peterson, UT
2004 Jumbo-Farnham, critique of the Jumbo Project, Lev/ vonAllmen, Canada
2001-03 K38 Project, 2 sites, mountain recreation planning, Bountiful City, UT
2000 Ski Lava Project, ski area plan, Randy Seed, Lava Hot Springs, ID
2000 Dyer Mountain-Lake Almanor, ski area master plan, Peter Hicks, CA
2000 Oak Valley, reconnaissance, Jim Bass, South Korea
1990-94/99 Jumbo Glacier Resort, grandiose study, Oberto Oberti, B.C., Canada
1999 Ling San Mtn. resort layout, Brighton Co., Richard Bass, China
1997/98 Kohap/ Sabuk Proposal, Korea, master plan w/ EDAW, San Francisco, CA
1996-97 Hyosung Group, 20 mountain resort feasibility study, South Korea
1995-97 Yellowstone Mountain Club, ski area layout, Big Sky Lumber, MT
1996 Brohm Ridge critique for B.C. Lands, w/ Goldner Assoc., Canada
1995-96 Kae-Ta, ski resort master plan w/ Zehren, South Korea
1995 Kae-Ta, Resort ski resort proposal w/ EDAW, South Korea
1994/95 Alpine Land Co., Steamboat, mountain planning, CO
1994/95 Velocity Peak, Silverton, mountain planning, engineering, CO
1992-94 Granite Peak/Slab Butte, reconnaissance study, Brundage Mtn., ID
1992/93 SnoBowl, Community Ski Area, mountain planning, engineering, Elko, NV
1991-93 Trans-Wasatch Company (Telemark Park), engineering, Park City, UT
1991/92 Lolo Peak Economic Research Committee, planning, Missoula, MT
1991 Cayoosh Reconnaissance, NGR Resort Consultants, study, Whistler, B.C.
1988/89 Hatcher Pass, for AK-DNR, master plan, w/ LDN, Anchorage, AK
1988 Cold Stream Project, preliminary ski area master plan, Truckee, CA
1987, 93/94 The Ridge Corp., ski area master plan, Coolfont, Berkeley Springs, WV
1986/87 Independence, ski area master plan, Kirk Wickersham, Anchorage, AK
1986 Razis, smartmap, ski area layout, Michel Guerrin, St.Ismier, France
1985/86 College Mountain master plan, engineering, Ski Roundtop, Inc., PA
1984 Sedgwick Peak, master plan, engineering, Ski Lava, Inc., Lava Springs, ID
1984/85 East Fork, preliminary master plan, Pagosa Springs, CO
1984/85 Priest Lake, preliminary master plan, CWS Consultants, CA
1981 Park City - Silver Mountain Funicular plan, Park City, UT
1975-78 Bear Lake West, ski area master plan, engineering, Fish Haven, ID
1977 Wasatch Mountain State Park, Midway ski area project, Salt Lake City. UT
1977 Ruby's, mountain planning, Elko Fair and Recreation Board, Elko, NV
1972-88 Seven Peaks (Heritage) Mountain Resort, planning/ engineering, Provo, UT
1975/76 Galena, master planning, Jim Luescher (Redfield Lease), Reno, NV
1974/75 Tent Mountain, master plan, engineering Land McCulloch, Elko, NV
1972/73 LaSal, Four Corners Regional Commission, Moab, UT
1972/73 Big Wood, ski hill study, Mr. Bob Kress, Sun Valley, ID

Uphill Facility Projects

1998/2007 Brighton Crest and Millicent lift, construction, as-built survey certificates
1971-01 Lift Surveys: for Garaventa-CTEC, Doppelmayr and Resorts
1997-99 Kicking Horse ski area planning, lift surveys, Pheidias, B.C., Canada
1996 Crystal Mountain Aerial Tramway, Crystal Mountain, WA
1995-96 Our Lady of the Rockies, aerial tramway, Butte. MT
1994/95 Morning Star Tow, Hank Rothwell, Park City, Utah
1990 Maui Tramway Reconnaissance Study, Boyne USA Inc.,
1972-88 Seven Peaks Funicular (Heritage Mountain), Provo, Utah
1988 Silver Mountain Gondola, City of Kellogg, Idaho
1987 Santa Cruz Metro. Transit District; Tom McGean, Washington D.C.
1986 Grizzly Gulch Transportation Co., Salt Lake City, Utah
1985/99 Mount Ogden Tramway, local developers, Ogden, Utah
1984 Ruby Gondola, Grant Gerber/Ken Jones, Lamoille, Nevada
1981 Arrowhead Funicular at Vail, CO, for Voest Alpine, New York
1981 Vasquez at Winterpark Funiculars, CO, for Voest Alpine, New York
1981 Silver Mountain Funicular, J.J.Johnson & Associates, Park City, Utah

Lift Construction

Project Engineers (Utah State Certification)

Brighton: CREST EXPRESS, manufactured by Doppelmayr Snowbasin: BECKER and PORCUPINE, manufactured by Staedeli Lift Co. Snowbird: GAD-1, LITTLE CLOUD, MID-GAD

Lift Survey (As built by Utah State Certification Where Applicable

Rail Roads: 2 Layout Alta RR, Brighton Tunnel and The Colony at White Pine Canyon funiculars: Seven Peaks Resort (Heritage Mountain), UT Jig-Backs: 2 Big Sky-Lone Peak, and Butte, MT Gondolas: 6 Seven Peaks Resort, UT; Galena, NV; Crystal, UT, (2 sections each) Jig-Backs: 2 Big Sky-Lone Pk. options, MT 1 Crystal Mt. WA 2 Snowbasin, E and W, UT 1 Our Lady of the Rockies, Butte, MT Chairlifts: 4 Big Sky/ Yellowstone Club, MT 6 Brighton-Snake Creek, UT 8 Heritage Mountain, UT 5 Galena, NV 2 Park City, UT 2 Crystal Mountain, WA 2 Pebble Creek, ID 1 Pomerelle, ID 2 Soldier Mountain 7 Snowbird, UT 6 Snowbasin, UT 5 Solitude, UT 2 Moonlight Basin, MT 2 The Canyons, UT 1 ea. Nordic Valley, UT; Snow King, WY; Lassen, CA; and Crystal Mtn., UT Handle Tows: 8 Conveyors: 2

Avalanche Mitigation Reports

2007 AltaBird Approach, Josh Linker, Salt lake City, Utah (w/Schaerer)
2006-08 Wendy+Todd Mitchell, defense plan, Davis Horn, Inc. Aspen, CO (w/Schaerer)
2007 Cisnero (Gramiger Site), Davis Horn, Inc. Aspen, CO (w/Schaerer)
2006 Lot 1, Little Cloud Subdivision, Deposition, Aspen, CO
2005 Avalanche-free Highway Rerouting Design, U-210, Alta, UT
2003-06 Tract A, Lot 20, City of Aspen, Lyle Reeder, Aspen, CO (w/Lev and Schaerer)
2001-07 Seven Sites in Pitkin County, Davis Horne, Aspen, CO (w/Lev)
2003-06 Little Cloud Subdivision, Tomas E. Lewis, Aspen, CO (w/Lev and Schaerer)
1992-95 Avalanche Evaluation of Highland Bowl, Aspen Highlands, CO (w/Lev)
2007-09 AltaBird Approach Subdivision, Sandy, Utah, layout, design, permitting
200-09 Northstar Subdivision, road upgrading master plan, Park City, Utah
2008-09 Bob Bonar, civil and site plans, Snowbird, Utah
2005-07 Snowbird Townhouses, civil and site plans, Snowbird, Utah
2005 Granite Builders, LLC, Sundown 23 Townhouses, Powder Mountain, Utah
2003 Several Mountain Residential site grading and road plans, Utah
1984 Pine Inn Associates (inclined elevator), Deer Valley, Utah

Gravity Park Layout and Design

2016 Sports Academy, Shanxi Taihang Shan, aerial focus, TTiss, China
2009 Wolf Mountain Resort, Utah, Mountain Coaster survey
2006-09 Liberty University, 5000 acre mountain recreation plan, Lynchburg, VA
2007 Mountain Coaster, survey and technical assistance, Wolf Mountain, Utah
2007 Snowflex, Alpine Slide site location, Liberty University, Lynchburg VA
1999-2007 Thrill Sleds Trail layout: Mountain Creek, NJ, Big Mountain, MT, Northstar, NV
2004/5 Alpine Slide, preliminary layout, survey, Snowbird, Utah
1986 Boreal CA, Alpine Slide layout and design assistance
1998 Bike Trail project, Bonneville RC&D Council, Salt Lake City, UT
1977-82/2000 Park City Alpine Slide layout and design, John Price and Powdr Corp.
1992 Breckenridge, CO, Alpine Slide dual track re-design
1976 Parks Planning: Northampton County Park Board, Evanston, PA


1997... Bryce Canyon N.P, Wasatch Touring and Uinta Backcountry Map Series
2006-13 Residential building /road planning /permitting Mürren, Switzerland
2009/10 Wasatch Canyons Master Plan, Technical Advisory, Envision Utah
2005-07 Legal Counsel to ski areas regarding skier accidents
2006 Deposition, Bryn Asselstine vs. Boyne USA, Inc.
1981-04 Ski Area Statistic of Utah, Utah Ski Association, Salt Lake City, UT
2000 Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee, alignment option report
1986-98 Sorel Boot “EXO” new skiing device; Kaufman Footwear, Ontario
1995 CRCA, Centennial Parks Project, Salt Lake City
1986 Allen Avalanche Reconnaissance, Transamerica Insurance Co.
1984-87 Digital Terrain Modeling: Farwell, SE and Group Delta
1976, 79 Legal Council: sliding and collision of fallen skiers


Check: Experience, Creativity, Integrity Lee Beaumont, Senior Vice President Auxiliary Services
Office of General Council
1971 University Boulevard Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269
434-592-3315 Pierre Diener, Urbanist DGA Architects
11 Bis Av. Carnot F-75017 Paris
France 011-33-1-45-74-3233 Randy Doyle, G.M.
Brighton Resort
8302 South Brighton Loop Road
Brighton, UT 84121